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Download Tally ERP.9 Function & Short-cut Keys | Function keys of Tally | Tally Keys | Short-Cut Keys at Voucher Screen | Hidden Keys Function Name of Keys | Short-Cut Keys at Report Screen



Short-Cut Keys at Voucher Screen

1. ALT + D: Deletes the selected voucher/Master

2. ALT + C: Create a new master

3. ALT + X: Cancels voucher

4. ALT + I: Insert New voucher

5. ALT + 2: Creates duplicate voucher from selected voucher

6. CTRL + A: Save the entry

7. CTRL + V: Toggle between Invoice and Voucher mode

8. CTRL + N: See the calculator

9. CTRL + ALT + C: Copy data from Tally

10. CTRL + V: Paste the copied data in Tally ERP 9.


Short-Cut KeyS at Report Screen

1. ALT + N: To view reports in the automatic column

2. ALT + R: Hide the lines in the generated report

3. ALT + P: Print any report

4. ALT + E: Export the generated report in ASCII, Excel, HTML, PDF, and XML format.

5. ALT + F1: View detail report


GST Related Shortcuts in Tally

1. CTRL + O: Opens the GST portal Website

2. CTRL + E: Export the selected GST Return

3. CTRL + A: View accepted the voucher as it is.

4. Alt + S: Opens Statutory payment Screen

5. Alt + J: Make Statutory adjustments in a voucher

        Download Tally ERp.9 Shortcut keys PDF


Hidden Keys Function Name of Keys

F  Use to go back to the previous screen by closing the currently open screen        : Esc

F  Removes an input that is provided/selected for a field                                        : Esc

F  Opens the Company Features screen                                                                   : F11

F  Moves to the first/last menu in a section                                                             : Ctrl+Up/Down

F  Move to the left-most/right-most drop-down top menu                                      : Ctrl+Left/Right

F  Move from any line to the first line in a list                                                        : Home & PgUp

F  To go from any point in a field to the beginning of the text in that field            : Home

F  Moves from any line to the last line in a list                                                      : End & PgDn

F  Moves from any point in a field to the end of the text in that field                   : End

F  Rewrites the data                                                                                                : Ctrl+Alt+R

F  Quit Tally prime                                                                                                  : Alt+F4

F  View the build information                                                                                  : Ctrl+Alt+B

F  View TDL/Add-on details                                                                                   : Ctrl+Alt+T

F  Navigate to the next artifact in the context                                                          : +

F  Increment the Report date or next report in a sequence of reports displayed         : +

F  Navigate to the previous artifact in the context                                                       : –

F  Decrement Report date or previous report in a sequence of reports displayed       : –

F  Accepts or saves the data on the screen                                                                   : Ctrl+A

F  The Alt + Enter key expands or collapse a group in a table:                                   : Alt+Enter

F  Opens or hide calculator panel                                                                                 : Ctrl+N

F  Exit a screen or the tally app.                                                                                   : Ctrl+Q

F  Re-export the JSON File for generating E way bill. Press CTRL + B when you are on export offline screen. Select “yes” from the list and you will see the vouchers to re-export again.   : CTRL + B


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