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Networking MCQ

For CCC / O’Level, Hardware & Networking Student’s

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 Note: All questions are compulsory.  (1 Ques. = 1 Mark)

1.  The Internet is a network of:

a)    Computers

b)    Terminals

c)     Networks

d)    Node

2.  Internet requires:             

a)    An account from an ISP

b)    A computer with modem

c)     Telephone line

d)    All the above

3.  IP address number varies from:

a)    1-255

b)    2-255

c)     0-255

d)    3-255

4.  Absolute URL uses:

a)    Complete Internet address

b)    Partially Internet address

c)     Partly Internet address

d)    Relative address

5.  News groups are:

a)    Chart service

b)    E-mail service

c)     Discussion service

d)    Network

6.  WAIS stands for:

a)    Wide assumed Intimation address

b)    Wide area Internet service

c)     Wide area Information system

d)    Wide analog Information system

7.  WANs operate at the speed of less than 1 Mbps while LANs operate between :

a)    1 and 4 mbps

b)    2 and 6 mbps

c)     4 and 10 mbps

d)    1 and 10 mbps

8.  Web pages are uniquely identified by using :

a)    IP address

b)    Domain

c)     URL

d)    File name

9.  Printed India has five workstations and two printers. This is most likely as:

a)    LAN

b)    WAN

c)     MAN

d)    VAN

10. The World Wide Web is composed of :

a)    1 page

b)    Only 100 Web pages

c)     Only 500 Web pages

d)    Millions of Web pages

11. ISP stands for

a)    Internal Service Provider

b)    International Service Provider

c)     Internet Service Provider

d)    Internet Services Provider

12. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator are examples of :

a)    Web server

b)    Web browser

c)     Internet

d)    World Wide Web

13. What can you do with the internet?

a)    Exchange information with friends and colleagues

b)    Access pictures, sounds, video clips and other media elements

c)     Find diverse perspective on issues from a global audience

d)    All of the above

14. The computer or server on the Internet is also known as :

a)    Host

b)    Address

c)     IP address

d)    URLs address

15. The Internet is owned by :

a)    IAB

b)    IETF

c)     InterNIC

d)    ISP

16. The WWW standard allows programmers on many different computers platform to show the information on a server. Such              programmers are known as :

a)    ISP

b)    Web browsers

c)     Web Servers

d)    Web client

17. Some Web pages are divided into independent panes named as

a)    Excel

b)    Outlook Express

c)     Frames

d)    Google Express

18. Netscape Navigator and other browsers, such as the following are available free on the Internet :

a)    Internet Explorer

b)    HotDog

c)     Adobe PageMaker

d)    Web server

19. Which of the following protocols is used by Internet mail ?

a)    HTTP

b)    TCP/IP

c)     FTP

d)    ISMP

20. A user can get files from another computer on the Internet by using :

a)    FTP

b)    HTTP

c)     UTP

d)    SMTP

Networking MCQ  For CCC / O’Level, Hardware & Networking Student’s

21. All Web addresses started with which of the following ?

a)    Http

b)    http://

c)     http:/

d)    www

22. Which of the following terms is a “browser”?

a)    Netscape

b)    World Wide Web

c)     Launcher

d)    E-mail

23. When you start a Web browser, the first Web page that gets loaded in the browser is called :

a)    User Web page

b)    Beginning page

c)     First web page

d)    Home page

24. The World Wide Web integrates which of the following ?

a)    E-mail, Telnet, Usenet

b)    Sound and movies files

c)     All Internet Commutation tools

d)    Computer

25. Which of the following is not a web browser?

a)    Netscape Navigator      

b)    Internet Explorer

c)     Mosaic

d)    WWW



2) State whether the following are True or False: 

a)    From an e-mail address, one can find out the domain name, where this e-mail address is hosted.

b)    Web browser lets you do to download only while surfing the Internet.

c)     You can configure most e-mail applications to check for mail as frequently as you desire.

d)    E-mail can be used to send broadcast messages, but only within your own company.

e)    The Internet is not a commercial information service.

f)      Any computer on the Internet can connect  to any other computer on Internet.

g)    DNS provides mapping of IP with domain name.

h)    DNS is a distributed database offering strong consistency and atomicity guarantees.

i)       Sending information from a client PC to a server computer is called Uploading.

j)       To find an e-mail address, you can use an e-mail database.

k)    News groups are also known as Usenet.

l)       You can conveniently navigate between Web pages using your browser’s forward and backward buttons.

m) An example of a high-speed direct digital connection to the Internet is a ISP.

n)    The Web browser is documents that use HTTP.

o)    In a dial-up connection, you can connect your computer to an ISP server, with the help of modem.

p)    The TCP/IP is the communication protocol used by Internet.

q)    A web browser is also referred to as a Web client.

r)      Refresh button returns to home page.

s)     The stop button interrupts downloading the Web page.

t)      The favorites feature of Internet Explorer allows you to save the URLs of Web pages you visit frequently.



1). C     2). D     3). B    4). A    5.)C    6). D    7). D    8).C    9).A     10).D

11).C    12.)B    13).D    14).A    15).D    16).B    17).C    18).A    19).A    20).A

21).B         22.).A        23).D     24.)A        25).D

True or False: 

a).T    b).T    c).T    d).F    e)T    f)T    g) T   h).T    i).T

j). T       k). T       L).  T      m). F      n).F

O). T       p.) .T       q)   T     r).F       s) .T          t).T

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