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                              Digital Financial Tools and Applications     


MCQ for CCC / O Level Students | Digital Financial Services  | Digital Services | CCC online CCC | O'Level Online MCQ |

CCC Digital Financial Services MCQ |O'Level  Digital Financial Services Test Paper  | CCC Question Paper| CCC MCQ

        1)  QR Code stands for ….

a)       Quick Response Code

b)       Quick Result Code

c)       Quick Restore Code

d)       None of above

2)    ATM   means ……..

a)       Any Time Money

b)       Auto Track of Mahindra

c)       Automated Teller Machine

d)       None

3)    KYC means ……?

a)       Know your customer

b)       Know your character

c)       Both of the above

d)       None

4)    Which is type of Credit Card.?

a)       Master Card

b)       VISA

c)       Both a & b

d)       None of these

5)    Which of the following is known as online banking?

a)       Net Banking

b)       Internet Banking

c)       Both a & b

d)       None of above

6)    Can illiterate person be issued Debit card?

a)       No

b)       Yes

c)       Only in case of joint account

d)       Only in case he is head of family

7)    Interest on Saving Deposit is paid.

a)       Yearly

b)       Every Month

c)       Half Yearly

d)       Quarterly

8)    Under PMSBY, accidental death claim is available for:

a)       Rs. 1 lac

b)       Rs. 2 lac

c)       Rs. 3 lac

d)       None

9)    The Indian rupee symbol   officially adopted in

a)       2009

b)       2010

c)       2012

d)       2015

10)   In which year NEFT services has been started?

a)       2005

b)       2002

c)       2001

d)       2006

11)   The amount of money to be charged for a certain amount of insurance coverage is called?

a)       Token Money

b)       Premium

c)       Cash

d)       Insured Money

12)   Main security of internet banking is -

a)       Password

b)       User name

c)       User address

d)       User mobile number

13)   Through …….. App you can transfer the money and do any payment as bill/shopping.

a)       BHIM

b)       Paytm

c)       Both a & b

d)       None

14)   Atal Pension Yojna is open to Indian citizens whose age are between?

a)       18-40

b)       25-40

c)       18-25

d)       18-30


CCC Digital Financial Services MCQ |O'Level  Digital Financial Services Test Paper  | CCC Question Paper| CCC MCQ

 15)   Which mobile wallet does not permit cash withdrawal?

a)       Open wallet

b)       Semi Closed wallet

c)       Semi Open wallet

d)       None

16)   CVV stand for ?

a)       Code verification value

b)       Card Validate value

c)       Code verification value

d)       None

17)   Which type of deposits earns higher interest rate?

a)       Current account

b)       Fixed Deposits

c)       None of the options

d)       Saving account

18)   In Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojna, under the SHISHU category loan amount is –

a)       Up to 30,000

b)       Up to 50,000

c)       Up to 90,000

d)       Up to 10,000

19)   Pradhan Mantri Suraksha Bima Yojana (PMSBY) was launched on –

a)       May 9, 2015

b)       April 9, 2015

c)       May 20, 2015

d)       May 1, 2015

20)   UPI payment interface Developed by ……

a)       National Payment Corporation

b)       Finance Ministry

c)       Bank

d)       None

21)   Bank pays interest on

a)       None of the options

b)       Deposits

c)       Both Deposits & Loans

d)       Loans

22)   Account payee cheques can be paid

a)       At cash counter of Bank

b)       At ATM

c)       By deposit in Bank account

d)       None of the option

23)   What is validity period of cheque ?

a)       4 months from date of issue

b)       3 months from date of issue

c)       1 months from date of issue

d)       Unlimited

24)   Full form of DFT is …….

a)       Dynamic Financial Tools

b)       Digital Financial Tools

c)       Digital funds Tool

d)       Double Finance Tools

25)   Bank does not give loan against

a)       Gold Ornaments

b)       LIC Policy

c)       Lottery Ticket

d)       NSC


True or False    

26)    AEPS Stand for Aadhaar Enabled Payment System.(T)

27)   RBI means Reserve Bank of India defines the banking rules in India.(T)

28)   IFSC is an eleven digit code is mandatory for transfer of fund through NEFT & RTGS.(T)

29)   NPCI stand for National Payment Corporation of India.(T)

30)   For our daily saving, we can use current account scheme.(F)

31)   Personal loan can also be taken by private companies.(F)

32)   Aadhaar 12 digit number card & Identify proof issued by UIDAI.(T)

33)   You can do online shopping, recharge and bill payment through mobile wallet.(T)

34)   Bank Mitra works only in the areas where there is no ATMs and branches of banks.(T)

35)   You can withdraw cash from Micro ATM.(F)

36)   In PMSBY, you can not claim for partial disability.(F)

37)   APY provide monthly pension to subscribers from 50 years of age.(F)

38)   POS means Point of Sale is an electronic machine used for paying on retail shop.(T)

39)   RTGS means Real Time Gross Settlement is a fund transfer system used to transfer money from one bank to any other bank.(T)

40)   USSD means Unstructured Supplementary Service Data allow users without a Smartphone or internet connection to use mobile banking through the *99#.(T)

41)   Bank provides gold loan only when gold are mortgage in the bank as security.(T)

42)   NRI means Non Resident Indian.(T)

43)   Id proof and address proof documents required for opening account in bank.(T)

44)   Credit/Debit card is a type of plastic card issued by bank or any financial institution.(T)

45)   UPI mean Unified payment Interface used to transfer money at the time.(T)

46)   BHIM means Bharat Interface for Money, is app launched by Pradhan Mantri on 30 December 2016 for transaction of money.(T)

47)   TDS means Tax Deducted at source.(T)

48)   Mobile banking is a financial service facility for a customer to carry out financial transaction through mobile phone.(T)

49)   UPI stand for Unified Payment Interface.(T)

50)   IMPS stand for immediate payment Service. (T)


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