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CCC Questions and Answers -Introduction to Computer & GUI Based Operating Systems

1.1  Pressing _____ is a quick way to cycle between open program windows.
        (A) Alt+Tab                                    (B) Ctrl+Tab                           (C) Shift+Tab                         (D) Shift+Alt
1.2  A right click on the Windows desktop itself will _____.
(A) open the Display Properties dialog box                            (B) show a context-sensitive menu
(C) open the Control Panel                                                        (D) minimize all open applications
1.3  A device that provides emergency power to your computer, conditions the voltage, and protects against powers surges is called a _____.
(A) PSU = Power Supply Unit                                                     (B) USP = Universal Surge Protector
(C) UPPS = Universal Power Protection and Supply              (D) UPS = Uninterruptible Power Supply
1.4  GUI is used as an interface between
(A) hardware and software        (B) man and machine          (C) hardware and user                        (D) None of the above
1.5  The language that the computer can understand and execute is called:
(A) Machine language(B) Application software     (C) System program                             (D) None of the above
1.6  If a computer is on but does not respond to a system reset, what is it said to be?”
(A)Dead                                         (B) Off                    (C) Hang                                (D) Insensitive
1.7  The most common input device used today is the _____
(A) Motherboard                         (B) Central processing unit                 (C) Keyboard                                         (D) System unit
1.8  What is the control unit’s function in the CPU?
(A)To decode program instructions                         (B)To transfer data to primary storage
(C)To perform logical operations                              (D)To store program instructions
1.9  The CPU (central processing unit) consists of:
(A) Input, output and processing                                                              (B) Control unit, primary storage and secondary storage
(C) Control unit, arithmetic-logic unit and primary storage                (D) Input, processing and storage
1.10        Which of the following characters is allowed in a Windows file name or folder?
(A) :                                (B) ?                        (C) _                        (D) >
1.11        Windows distinguishes between the different drives by means of a naming convention. Each drive is designated by a letter followed by
(A) a colon                     (B)an asterisk        (C) an exclamation point                     (D)a semicolon
1.12 The contents of the Clipboard remain the same until
(A) you cut other text                (B)you shut down your computer     (C) you copy other text       (D) All of the above
1.13        A mouse, trackball, and joystick are examples of _____.
(A) pointing devices                    (B) pen input devices          (C) data collection devices                (D) multimedia devices
1.14 The gigantic work of simulating the airflow around an entire aircraft can only be done by using fast
(A)Microcomputers                     (B) Minicomputers               (C) Supercomputers                            (D) None of these
1.15 The difference between main memory and magnetic storage is that memory is _______and storage is _____.
        a. Temporary, permanent         b. permanent, temporary   c. Slow, fast                                           d. None of the above
1.16 Which of the following holds the ROM, CPU, RAM and expansion cards?
a. Hard disk                                   b. Floppy disk                        c. Mother board                  d. None of the above
1.17 The language that the computer can understand and execute is called:
        a. Machine or binary language  b. Application software       c. System program                              d. None of the above
1.18 Main memory stores
a. Data only                   b. Program only    c. Data, program and results or any other kind of information   d. None of these
1.19 CD-ROM is a
a. Temporary memory                b. Permanent storage                        c. Magnetic memory                           d. None of the above
1.20 Information retrieval is fastest from
a. Pen drive                   b. CD                       c. Hard disk                           d. All of the above
1.21 RAM means
        a. Random access memory        b. Read also memory                           c. Read Access memory      d. Random also memory
1.22 Which one of the following is a secondary storage device?
        a. CD-ROM                    b. RAM                   c. Both & (a) and (b)            d. None of the above
1.23 Indicate which, of the following best describes the term software
a. Operating system programs                   b. Application programs     c. Both & (a) and (b)                            d. None of the above
1.24 Which one of the following is not an input device?
a. Microphone              b. Mouse               c. Scanner                             d. None of the above
1.25 What is the control unit’s function in the CPU?
a. To transfer data to primary storage                    b. To store program instructions
        c. To perform logic function                      d. To decode program instruction
1.26 CPU consists of
a. ALU             b. ALU and control unit                       c. ALU, control unit and registers                    d. None of these
1.27 Which of the following devices can be sued to directly image printed text?
a. OCR                            b. OMR                                   c. MICR                   d. All of above
1.28 In latest generation computers, the instructions are executed
a. Parallel only                              b. Sequentially only             c. Both sequentially and parallel                      d. All of above
1.29 Give the correct abbreviation ‘CD’ means
a. Command Description            b. Change Data                     c. Copy Density                     d. Compact Disc
1.30 VGA is
        a. Video Graphics Array              b. Visual Graphics Array                      c. Volatile Graphics Array   d. Video Graphics Adapter
1.31 MICR stands for
a. Magnetic Ink Code Reader                     b. Magnetic Ink Character Reader   c. Magnetic Ink Cases                          d. None Reader
1.32 Which of the following is a graphical package?
(A) CorelDraw              (B) MS-Excel                          (C) MS-Word                         (D) None of these
1.33 Supercomputers are primarily useful for
(A) Input-output intensive processing                   (B)Mathematical intensive scientific applications        
(C)Data retrieval operations                                    (D) None of these
1.34 A plotter is -
(A) An input device to produce good quality graphics       (B) An output device to produce drawings and graphics
(C) A fast output device using camera lenses                       (D) None of these
1.35 CPU reads the information from secondary memory
(A) Directly                                  (B) First, information is transferred to main memory and from   there, the CPU reads”   
(C) Through registers                                (D) None of these
1.36 The arithmetic/logic unit performs the following actions:
(A) Checks data for accuracy   (B) does calculations using addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division
(C) does logical comparisons, such as equal to, greater than, less than           (D) both calculations and logical comparisons
1.37 The binary number system has a base
          (A) 2                             (B) 4                        (C) 8                        (D) 16
1.38 A floppy disk contains
(A)Circular tracks only              (B) Sectors only                   (C) Both circular tracks and sectors                  (D) None of the above
1.39 The software application that is used the most often is _____.
(A) Word processing                (B) spreadsheet                    (C) database                          (D) graphical presentation
1.40 What is meant by computer literacy?
(A) Ability to write computer programs(B) Knowing what a computer can and cannot do
(C) Knowing computer related vocabulary           (D) Ability to assemble computers
1.41 Which of the following is a part of the Central Processing Unit-
(A) Keyboard              (B) Printer             (C) Tape                                 (D) Arithmetic Logic Unit
1.42 In computer terminology, information means
(A) Raw                        (B) data                  (C) Data in more useful or intelligible form     (D) Alphanumeric data program
1.42 Software instruction intended to satisfy a use specific processing needs are called _____
(A)System Software   (B) Microcomputer              (C) Documentation              (D) Application software
1.43 The ascending order of a data hierarchy is:
(A) Bit-byte-record-field-file-database                  (B) Byte-bit-field-record-file-database
(C)Byte-bit-record-file-field-database                    (D) Bit-byte-field-record-file-database
1.45 The arithmetic/logic unit performs the following actions:
(A) Checks data for accuracy                   (B) does calculations using addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division
(C) does logical comparisons, such as equal to, greater than, less than           (D) both calculations and logical comparisons

1.46 GIGO stands for _____.
(A) Garbage Input, Garbage Output        (B) Gigabytes in, Gigabytes out
(C) Garbage In, Garbage Out                   (D) None of the above
1.47 Tape storage is primarily used for _____.
(A) backups                (B) installing new programs                (C) rarely used software     (D) None of the above
1.48 Tape storage is primarily used for _____.
(A) backups                (B) installing new programs                (C ) rarely used software    (D) None of the above
1.49 The length of a file’s name under Win95/98/XP _____.
(A) is limited to 11 characters                (B) is limited to 255 characters        
(C) is not limited in length                        (D) can contain only one space
1.50 The hardware device commonly referred to as the brainof the computer is the:
(A)RAM                        (B) data input.       (C) CPU                  (D) secondary storage.
1.51 DVD stands for-
(A) Digital Video Disc                 (B) Digital and Video Drive                (C) Disk virtual Drive            (D) Double Volume Density
1.52 Binary means-
(A) there are two possibilities: on and off           (B) the same as a byte: 8 bits.
(C) there are three options: 0, 1, and 2.”              (D) that computers really need to have three or more options.
1.53 In ASCII (American Standard Code for Information Interchange), ____________ characters can be created.
(A) 255                                         (B) 1024                (C) 256                                   (D) 128
1.54 Algorithm and Flow chart help us to Know the
(A) Memory capacity                                                (A) Identify the base of a number system
(B) Direct the output to a printer                            (C) Specify the problem completely and clearly
1.55 __________ is the largest 16 bit positive number.
(A) 32767                    (B) 32768              (C) 34567                              (D) 36789
1.56 In analog computer-
(A) Input is first converted to digital form             (B) Input is never converted to digital form 
(C) Output is displayed in digital form                    (D) All of the above
1.57 To convert data from one data medium to another is known as _______.
(A) Collection                              (B) Transformation               (C) Manipulation                  (D) Conversion
1.58 The two dimensional representation of an image is known as-
(A) Image routing                       (B) Image resolution           (C) Image reasoning             (D) None
1.59 Name a more complex standard developed by Microsoft to allow for the exchange of word processing files that include formatting such as text alignment, font styles, and font sizes.
(A) Rich Text Format (RTF)       (B) ASCII                 (C) BCD                                   (D) None
1.60 Mouse speed is
(A) Adjustable                            (B) cannot be adjusted                        (C) can be adjusted through control panel
(D) can be adjusted by double clicking middle button
1.61 A file deleted from disk drive A: in Windows goes to _________.
a. Recycle Bin                               b. My Computer                   c. Windows Explorer                           d. Permanently deleted
1.62 The term Operating system means_________.
        a. A set of programs which controls computer working                     b. The way a computer operator works
c. Conversion of high-level language in to machine level language   d. The way a floppy disk drive operates
1.63 The operating system of a computer serves as a software interface between the user and the _________.
a. Memory                     b. Peripheral                         c. Hardware                          d. Screen
1.64 Software is a program that directs the overall operation of the computer facilitates its user and interacts with the user. What are the different types of this software ________.
a. Operating system                     b. Language Compiler                         c. Utilities                               d. All of the above
1.65 _________is the screen background and main area of window where you can open and manage files and program.
a. Icons                           b. Desktop                            c. Application Window                        d. Screen Saver
1.66 An application can be opened through shortcut on desktop by
a. Double clicking on its shortcut                              b. Right clicking and choosing “Open” option
c. Selecting the icon and pressing Enter key          d. All of the above
1.67 Which of the Following statement is incorrect in context of shortcut icons?
a. Shortcuts can be created by dragging and dropping                        b. Shortcuts can be created using cut and paste methods.
c. Shortcuts can be created by using the Shortcut wizard.                  d. None of the above.
1.68 A new printer can be added by Printer and Faxes option in
        a. Control Panel                           b. File Manager                    c. Dynamic Data Exchange                  d. None of these
1.69 GUI is used as an interface between
a. Hardware and software                          b. Man and machine            c. hardware and user          d. None of the above
1.70 Exchange of images or data from one application to another is done by using
a. Icons                           b. Control Panes                   c. Clipboard                           d. None of these
1.71 Which of the following file format supports in Windows 7?
        a. NTFS                           b. BSD                                     c. EXT                                      d. All of the above
Note: NTFS (New Technology File System) is a proprietary file system developed by Microsoft Corporation for its Windows NT line of operating systems, beginning with Windows NT 3.1 and Windows 2000, including Windows XP, Windows Server 2003, and all their successors to date.
1.72 What is the meaning of “Hibernate” in windows XP/Window 7?
a. Restart the computer in safe mode                      b. Restart the computer in hibernate mode
c. Shutdown the computer terminating all the running applications
        d. Shutdown the computer without closing the running applications
1.73 Windows____is the newest version of the Windows operating system.
a. 5                                  b. 6                                         c. 7                                          d. 8
1.74 When you point to a button, its function will display in a ______.
a. Screen Alert             b. Screen Tip                         c. Screen Bar                        d. Screen List
1.75 The _____list contains programs that accomplish a variety of tasks commonly required on a computer. Most of these programs are installed with the Windows 7 operating system, such as Calculator, Snipping Tool, and WordPad.
a. Helper Program       b. Necessities                        c. Utilities                               d. Accessories
1.76 What is the function of an operating system?
a. Manages computer’s resources very efficiently                b. Takes care of scheduling jobs for execution
c. Manages the flow of data and instruction                           d. All of the above
1.77 The opening screen consists of four main components these are
a. Windows desktop                    b. Start button                      c. Notification                       d. All of the above
1.78 How many scroll bars can be visible on the text area if your document is over 100%
a. Two                                             b. One                                    c. Three                                d. Four
1.79 Which button appears immediately after a window has been maximized?
a. The Close button                      b. The Minimize button       c. The Maximize button      d. The Restore button
1.78 Which windows program do you use to manage folders and files?
a. Accessories                               b. Control Panel                   c. Explorer                             d. Office
1.79 The_________Provides access to all active application by maintaining a row of open application title boxes.
a. Title bar                                     b. Task bar                             c. Start menu                        d. None
1.80 An Operating system is:
        a. Integrated software               b. Application Software      c. CD-ROM software            d. System software

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