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Introduction to Computer & GUI Based Operating Systems- True False Questions with Answer

2.1    BIOS stand for Basic Integrated Operating System              (F)
2.2    You can add items to the Start menu of windows                                (T)
2.3    You can swap over the functionality of the left and right mouse buttons       (T)
2.4    A smiley is a sequence of ordinary printable characters, or a small image, intended to represent a human facial expression and convey an emotion.             (T)
2.5    Check boxes are used to present options requiring individual on/off decisions in Message boxes. (T)
2.6    Firmware is software that is embedded in a hardware device          (T)
2.7    Primary memory has higher storage capacity than secondary memory.         (F)
2.8    Pressing F1 is a common way to invoke help in Windows?                               (T)
2.9    As long as you have your product key, you can reinstall Windows XP using any CD, even one you borrow from a friend or neighbor.           (T)
2.10  Hybrid computer is a mixture of both digital and analog computers.                              (T)
2.11  Computers cannot help in decision making process.          (F)
2.12  ALU is a part of CPU. (T)
2.13  The floppy disk having program in it, is not a magnetic storage device.          (F)
2.14  The main advantage of computer graphics is that is substantially increases productivity.           (T)
2.15  OCR is a device that scans written or typed text and transforms it into computer readable form.            (T)
2.16  The processing of one program after the other without user intervention is an example of batch processing.     (T)
2.17  Access to data stored on magnetic tape is random.            (F)
2.18  Computer software is normally classified as system software and application software.             (T)
2.19  The group of 8 bits it used to represent a byte.   (T)
2.20  Logical errors in a program can be identified by the computer.      (F)
2.21  Computer can be used for education.   (T)
2.22  Set of instructions given to computers is called a program.              (T)
2.23  Output devices store instructions or data that the CPU process.     (F)
2.24  Medium level language is not a computer language?         (T)
2.25  Machine language is directly understood by the computer without translation program.          (T)
2.26  Microcomputer is called micro because it consists of micro-processor.                        (T)
2.27  BIOS stand for Basic Integrated Operating System                              (F)
2.28  Fetching of an instruction for execution is done by the control unit.                              (T)
2.29  You can search for a file in Windows even if you know only part of the file name                       (T)
2.30  Printers can be classified by the method of their printing(T)
2.31  Light pen and joystick are both pointing devices(T)
2.32  An optical disk (CD or DVD) is a secondary storage device of the computer system.   (T)
2.33  Title bars at the top most line of a window bar.   (T)
2.34  A folder can not contain files as well as sub folders.           (F)
2.35  Recycle bin does not allow you to easily recover deleted files and folders in Windows.            (F)
2.36  My Documents usually includes the all program, my recent documents, printers and faxes are all computer commands. (F)
2.37  Icon is a picture of image that you can display on your desktop       (T)
2.38  Programs available in CD-ROMs are always ‘virus’ free      (F)
2.39  Linux is one of the open source operating system              (T)
2.40  The Windows Control panel gives you access to all of your computer settings and enable you to install and remove program.        (T)
2.41  Just above the start button is a search box.          (T)
2.42  The left side of the Start menu contains a list of frequently used folders, including documents, pictures, music and games. (F)
2.43  The taskbar contains start button, Quick Launch and notification area.          (T)
2.44  Right click press and release the right mouse button one, typically to open a dialog box.          (F)
2.45  A folder is a set of files and folders.       (T)
2.46  You can not create a new folder on the desktop.                (F)
2.47  Linux is proprietary software.                 (F)
2.48  When a folder is copied to another place, the subfolders in the folder also get copied.            (T)
2.49  To use on a computer you need an Operating System.      (T)

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