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Fill in the blanks

1. Using ---------- it is possible to sent mails to more than one person. (MailMerge)
2. In Excel --------- automatically creates sum (Autosum)
3. To cancel the last editing, we use the ------- button (Undo)
4. Calculations can be performed through----------- (Excel)
5. A cell with dark border around it is called -------- cell (Active)
6. The Mail merge option is in -------- menu (Tools)
7. The short cut key for slide show is--------- (F5)
8. In Excel, the intersection of row and column is known as ------- (cell)
9. ---------- is the background on which different windows appear (Wall paper)
10. -------- shows the name of the application, document, groups or directory (Folder)
11. --------- is a quick and easy way for mass production of letters, envelops, mail labels etc.. (Mailmerge)
12. The ---------features helps you to avoid making typing mistakes and speed up your typing. (Spelling and grammar)
13. The extension of a Power Point is --------- (ppt)
14. --------- function will return the largest value in the selected range of cells (MAX)
15. The ------- option issued to undo the previous action (Undo).
16. ---------- positions the text according to the margins (Ruler)
17. A set of programming statements is called--------- (macro)
18. Ctrl+S is the shortcut key for ---------(save)
19. --------- checks whether a condition is met and returns on value 'if' TRUE and another 'if' FALSE (SUMIF)
20. In Power Point F5 is used for------- (View show)
21. The short cut key for spell check in MS Word is ---------- (F7)
22. Ctrl+V is the shortcut for----------- operation (Paste)
23. Extension file of MS Access is --------- (.mdb)
24. An individual page in a Power Point presentation is called -------- (Slide)
25. A-------- is used to set the page margins, change paragraph alignment and spacing (Indent)
26. Ctrl+V is the shortcut for ------  (Paste)
27. The shortcut for italics is ---------- (Ctrl+I )
28. --------- is an example  for copy is ---------(Ctrl+C)
29. In Excel replace option is in ------- menu (Edit)
30. The key for spell check in MS Word is -------(F7)
31. In Power point short cut key is insert new slide is -------(Ctrl+M)
32. In Excel, the intersection of row and column is known as -------- (cell)
33. -------- is an example for Data base Management system (MS Access)
34. -------- displays the location of the active cell and the value or formula used in the active cell (fx)
35. -------- function will return the largest value in the selected range of cells (MAX)
36. A set of programming statements is called ------ (Macro)
37. Go to option is in --------- menu (Edit)
38. ----------- adds the cells specified by a given condition or criteria ( IF )
39. In MS Word, Change Case is in -------- menu (Format)
40. In MS Excel, Macro is in -------- menu (Tools)
41. In MS Excel, an individual file is known as ------- (Workbook)
42. MS Excel is an example for -------- program (Spreadsheet)
43. In MS Word, print is in ------- menu (File)
44. ------- acts a document with preset text and formatting using which a new document can be made (Template)
45. -------- can be used to copy character and paragraph formatting from one place to another. (Format Painter)
46. -------- is a text alignment type (Justify)
47. ------- define the left and right side margin of a paragraph (justify)
48. MS Excel ------- helps you to fill rows or columns with a series of data (Auto fill)
49. In Excel ------ function return smallest value in a selected range of cells. (MIN)
50. -------- is a data type in MS Access. (Currency)
51. Formula in MS Excel begin with ------ sign (=)
52. You can customize the range of Sheets to be displayed in startup as 1 to ---- (10)
53. In Access------ formats the printed information (Report)
54. --------- is a complete collection of data displayed in rows & columns. (Tables)
55. ------ is a program that helps to create slide presentations quickly (Power Point)
56. Delete slide option is in ------- menu (Edit)
57. Clip art is a collection of ------- files (graphic)
58. Picture option is in ------ menu (Insert)
59. In MS Word merge  cell is in ------ menu (Table)
60. Maximum number of columns in Excel is ------ (256)
61. Maximum number of rows in Excel is ------- (65536)

1. A word processor is a software package that helps to create and edit a document (True)
2. In word Print preview option is in File menu (True)
3. Page setup option is in Table menu in MS Word (False)
4. Select all the text and graphics in the working document or press Ctrl+ A ( True)
5. Header & Footer option is in view menu (True)
6. Maximum width of a cell is 12.75 (True)
7. F1 is the shortcut for Help (True)
8. Increase decimal buttons in Formatting toolbar is used to format no. of decimal places in a cell containing numeric data (True)
9. Hold down Ctrl key while selecting non adjacent cells (True)
10. Merge and centre button on formatting toolbar joins selected range of cells and centres the text in the upper left cell to it (True)
11. In MS Excel a sheet name can contain 256no. of maximum characters (False)
12. Data menu command will generate a form with each fields vertically for a selected list of data (True)
13. Upper function converts the first character of each word in a cell of capital letters (True)
14. Sub Total is an example for MS Excel Add –In ( False)
15. Wrap Text option breaks a long line of text into multiple lines to fit within the cell (True)
16. Copy function Tool bar button on standard toolbar is used to insert a function (False)
17. In MS Excel Header & Footer are displayed in Page Break Preview (True)
18. The key board shortcut to insert hyperlink command is Ctrl+ K (True)
19. Replace command will search for some given text in your document and replace it with another (True)
20. Sort command in Table menu is used to arrange the data in table in ascending order (True)
21. Use Print Preview to display the document exactly it will be printed (True)
22. Drop Cap command decorates the first letter of the active paragraph with large bold format (True)
23. Maximum zoom percentage in word document is 500 (True)
24. To close MS Word, Shift+F4  keyboard combination is used (True)
25. Power Point is a graphical software (True)
26. The shortcut key for Help is F2 (False)
27. Arithmetic calculations can be done in Excel (True)
28. Charts can be embedded in Excel sheet (True)
29. Sound can be embedded in a Power Point presentation (True)
30. In MS Access, every table must have a primary key (False)
31. Spread sheets are made up of columns and rows (True)
32. In Power point every slide contains text place holder (True)
33. Word documents cannot be saved on floppies (False)
34. Pie is an Excel chart (True)
35. It is not possible to print a slide from a Power Point presentation (False)
36. Text can be converted to table (True)
37. Shortcut key for Font Dialog is Ctrl+ D (True)
38. Tables can be created in MS Word (True)
39. Chart option is in Insert menu (True)
40. Protect document option is in tools menu (True)
41. Book mark is in Insert menu (True)
42. Maximum number of rows in MS Excel is 65536 (True)
43. The total number of columns in Excel is 257 (False)
44. Header and Footer is in view menu (True)
45. Word count is in Windows menu (False)
46. The Undo command in the Edit menu issued to reverse actions (True)
47. Change case option is in the format menu (True)
48. MS Power Point is a Spread sheet program (False)
49. We cannot find and replace a particular word from MS Excel (False)
50. Word documents cannot be saved on floppies (False)
51. It is possible to protect an Excel sheet using password (True)
52. Auto filter is a feature  in Excel (True)
53. It is not possible to insert an Excel sheet in a word document (False)
54. It is not possible to animate different parts of a slide (False)
55. In MS Word  'Formula' option is in Table menu (True)
56. Worksheet can be inserted in a word file  (True)
57. In MS Word Merge cells is in Table menu(True)
58. Insert page number is in Insert menu (True)
59. Clear option is to clear the selected text or object (True)
60. Paste special option is in Edit menu (True)


1. What are the major features of Power Point?
2. Explain Auto Content  Wizard.
3. Explain the various options available in word for formatting paragraphs
4. Briefly explain different options available in the format menu of MS Word.
5. Write steps for inserting and deleting tab
6. Explain any four functions available in MS Excel.
7. Explain the steps for creating slide in a  Power Point
8. How will you create a table in MS Access?
9. What is a primary key? What is its use?
10. What is mail merge?
11. Explain different paragraph formatting options available in MS Word
12. How can we create charts using MS Excel?
13. What are the major features of  MS Word ?
14. What is Book mark?
15. What is the uses of MS Excel?
16. What are the features of MS Excel?
17. What is Query?
18. What are the features of MS Access?
19. Explain the steps for creating Header and Footer in MS Word
20. How we can create charts using MS Excel
21. Write short notes on mail merge
22. What are the advantages of MS Office packages?
23. Explain the following
   a) SUM   b) Product
24. Explain Format – cells command
25. Write Notes on (a) Scenarios (b) Data – subtotals
26. Write notes on Bullets and numbering
27.       ,,                Boarders and shading
28.       ''                 Format – Font
29.        ,,                Tools – Auto correct
30.  Short note on Spell check
31. Different views in MS Word
32. Explain inserting a Table
33. How we can modify the Table
34. Write short notes on changing row height and column width
35. How we can insert today's Date and time in MS Excel
36. Write steps for saving a query
37. What are the uses of 'Forms' in Ms Access?
38. Write steps for create a table using Design view
39. Steps for creating a form wizard
40. What is Reports? What the steps are for create a report using an Auto report?
41. Write steps for printing a query
42.  Define Validation
43. Write steps for create a pivot table
44. What is protection? Write steps for protect your document
45. What is Find and Replace and what are the steps to Find and Replace
46. What is 'Go to' command?
47. What is 'Comment' and what are the steps for inserting comments?
48. Write short note on symbol and write steps for inserting symbol
50. What is Undo and Redo?
51. Write short note on Header and Footer
52. How you can change the text alignment and what are its steps
53. Explain frames
54. What is sort? Write steps for sorting
55. Write short note on subtotals? What are the steps for it
56. Write steps to save and close a slide presentation in Power Point
57. In Power Point write changing bullets and numbering
58. Write steps for line spacing in Power Point presentation
59. Write  the steps for printing document
60. How you can add page number

1. What is Mail merge? Explain
2. Briefly explain the steps for creating a Power Point presentation
3. How will you create a table in MS Access?
4. What is Query? What are the different options in creating a query?
5. Explain Macro? Write down the steps to record a new macro
6. What are the different views in Power Point Presentation?
7. Briefly explain table menu in MS Word
8. What are the features of MS Excel?
9. What are the uses of MS Excel?
10. Explain Formatting text in Power Point presentation
11. Explain some functions in Excel
12. What is a chart and explain different steps for inserting a chart in Excel
13. In Access briefly explain Reports
14. Explain  creating a table using Design view and Form wizard view
15. Explain Custom animation and slide transition
16. Write features of  MS Access
17. Explain Edit  menu in MS Word
18. Explain Paragraph menu in MS Word
19. Explain Macro in briefly
20. Write all options in slide presentation
21. Explain entering and editing text in Power Point presentation
22. Explain Format menu in MS Excel
23. Explain Tools menu in MS Word
24. What are the two types of  text alignment?
25. Explain Hyperlink

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