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Pass Journal entries for the followings.

1.       Took a loan from Ravi Rs. 100000 & he gave the amount after deducting interest @ 5%P.A. in Advance .

2.       Machine purchased for Rs. 145000 from Raj Engineering by cheque & paid Rs. 5000 for installation.

3.       Land purchased for RS.25000 & RS. 35000 paid for registry Rs.5000 to Agent as brokerage.

4.       Purchased a new motor for machine for RS.12000 to make it automatic.

5.       A.C. Plant has been installed in the office building of Rs. 40000.

6.       Replaced an old Machine of Rs.10000 into new machine of Rs. 18000 by paying Rs.10000 along with old machine.

7.       Invested in the shares of Balaji LTD. 12000 shares of Rs. Each & paid Rs.2000 for brokerage

8.       Sold 4000 shares of balaji Itd. Rs.15 each at Rs. 18 per share brokerage paid Rs.1200.

9.       Goods purchased from X for RS.1000 & immediately sold to Y at Rs.1500.

10.   Goods of Rs.300 returned by Y which in turned to X.

11.   Second hand machine purchased for cash Rs. 24000 & RS. 16000 spent on its repairs & renewal.

12.   Goods costing Rs. 4000 taken by an employee against salary at sale price which is cost+20%.

13.   A creditor to whom Rs. 1700 was payable accepted goods of Rs.1680 in full settlement of his A/c.

14.   Cash stolen from safe Rs.20000.

15.   50 pcs. Jeans pants sold by Ajay garments @ 200 each in cash @ 5% tarde discount.

16.   Car expenses paid Rs.1000 which is partly used for business & partly for private use.

17.   Celling fan purchased RS.1600.

18.   Old newspapers sold Rs.150.

19.   Cement used by puneet Cement Ltd. For construction of cycle shed for office Rs.60000.

20.   Goods purchased from Vikas Rs.10400 including Vat @ 4%.

21.   Horse purchased for business Rs.18000 by cheque.

22.   Salary due but not paid to Kamal Rs.6000.

23.   Rent for the month jan.2010 paid in Dec.2009 Rs.8000.

24.   Issued a cheque Rs. 14000 in favour of Neha from whom goods were purchased in the last month.

25.   Goods costing Rs. 20000 sold to Vikram at20% profit on sale less 10% discount.








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