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From the following mare necessary journal entry in the journal of M/s Ramesh Traders.

  1. Business started with Cash Rs.25000 stock Rs. 22000 Furniture Rs. 25000,  Ramesh as debtor Rs. 28000 is Givan Shyam as creditor Rs. 12000 Out of total requirement Rs. 20000 is given by the Ramesh and balance is taken from Yes Bank as Bank as loan.
  2. Purchased Goods worth Rs. 25000 from Shyam Traders at 10% Trade discount.
  3. Goods purchased in cash for Rs. 12000 from Radheyshyam.
  4. Wages paid to worker Rs.2000.
  5. Sales made to Raghu of Rs.26000.
  6. Sales for cash Rs.12000.
  7. Salary Payable Rs. 12000 for the year but payment made Rs. 11000.
  8. Rent received for hiring of Machinery Rs. 200 per month but total receipt in the year was only Rs.800.
  9. Insurance for the was Rs.1200 but Ram paid Rs.1500.
  10. Commission Rs.2000 per month. The total receipt is Rs.25000 including advance for next month 15 days.
  11. Furniture purchased worth Rs. 12000 from Ganesh Furniture Store.
  12. Provide Depreciation on furniture by Rs.200.





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