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Cost Centre & Cost Categories

It can be use in All Organization, it is use for Distribute/ Allocate Expenses and Income with the help of cost centre and cost categories.

Some example of cost centre

1)      Department of an organization –finance, marketing and so on.

2)      Product of a company

3)      Individual such as salesman A, Salesman B


Cost Categories

E  Cost Categories are useful for organization that requires allocation of revenue and non-revenue items to parallel sets of cost centre.

E  Some of the examples of cost categories can be region wise or geography wise, grade wise, department wise and so on.

E  By allocation expenses to parallel cost centre under different categories, you are simply assigning the amount to them, the amount does not increase.

E  Tally ERP.9 performs an automatic reconciliation on real time basis, saving you the effort of reconciling ledger and cost centre.



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