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Photoshop MCQ Set 1

Basic Instructions for Online Examinations:

  1. The examination will comprise of Objective type Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)
  2. All questions are compulsory and each carries One mark.
  3. The Subjects or topics covered in the exam will be as per the Syllabus.
  4. There will be NO NEGATIVE MARKING for the wrong answers
  5. The students just need to click on the Right Choice / Correct option from the multiple choices /options given with each question. For Multiple Choice Questions, each question has four options, and the candidate has to click the appropriate option.

Adobe Photoshop Multiple Choice Question and Answer


1. Photoshop launched by which company?

 a) Adobe Systems

b)  Aldus

c) Microsoft


2. Photoshop is developed by

 a) John Knoll

 b) Rasmus Lerdorf

 c) Tim Berners-Lee

 d) None of the above

3. Photoshop is used for
 a) Typing
 b) Animation
 c) Graphics
 d) Programming

4. Adobe photoshop is an example of ..........
 a) Writing Software
 b) Drawing Software
 c) Both Writing & Drawing Software
 d) None of the above

5. Photoshop is a image ____ application.
 a) Sharing
 b) Downloading
 c) Editing
 d) Deletinig

6. Adobe photoshop is free or paid.
 a) Free
 b) Paid

7. What is file extension in photoshop?
 a) Tiff
 b) Txt
 c) Psd
 d) Bmp

8. Which color mode is used for printing?
 a) RGB
 b) CMYK
 c) Gray Scale
 d) None of the above

9. When did Photoshop start?
 a) 19 February 1990
 b) 19 February 1991
 c) 19 February 1992
 d) None of the above

10. Which of these software is using the gradient tool?
 a) Painting
 b) Photoshop
 c) Page maker
d)  None of the above

11. What is the shortcut key to create a duplicate layer of a layer?
 a) Ctrl+N
 b) Ctrl+T
 c) Ctrl+J
 d) None of the above

12. What is the shortcut key to create a new file in Photoshop?
 a) Shift+N
 b) Ctrl + N
 c) Ctrl+Shift+N
 d) None of the above

13. Which of these color models is not in Photoshop?
 a) HSB
 b) LAB
 c) RGB
 d) CNYK


14. Which menu contains the duplicate layer option in photoshop?
 a) Filter
 b) Layer
 c) Image
 d) None of the above

15. How many Colour modes are there in Photoshop?
a)  3
b)  4
c)  5
d)  6

16. To get Desaturate option in Photoshop, we have to go to

 a) File Menu
 b) Layer Menu
 c) Image>Adjustment
 d) None of the above

17 We can find variation option under filter menu in photoshop.
a) Yes
b) No

18. Is overlay a layer blending mode in photoshop?
 a) No
 b) Yes

18. How many types of Gradient are there in Photoshop?
 a) 2
b)  3
c)  5
d)  6

19. We can show/hide tool box using ____ menu.

a) Window

b) Filter

 c) View

 d) Selection

20. Which key a used while working with healing brush tool ?

 a) tab

b) Crtl

c) Alt

 d) Shift

 21. Ctrl + U is shortcut for

a)  Adjustment > color balance

 b) Adjustment > level

 c) Adjustment > invert

 d) Adjustment > Hue and saturation

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