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Part: 1

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Q.1 Which css property you will use if you want to add some margin between a DIV's border and its inner text ?
  • spacing
  • margin
  • padding
  • inner-margin
Q.2 Which CSS property is used to control the text size of an element ?
  • font-style 
  • text-size 
  • font-size
  • text-style
Q.3 Suppose we want to arrange five nos. of DIVs so that DIV4 is placed above DIV1. Now, which css property will we use to control the order of stack?
  • d-index 
  • s-index 
  • x-index 
  • z-index
Q.4 Can we align a Block element by setting the left and right margins ?
  • Yes, we can 
  • Not Possible
Q.5 If we want to wrap a block of text around an image, which css property will we use ?
  • wrap 
  • align 
  • float 
  • push
Q.6 Can we define the text direction via css property ?
  • Yes, we can 
  • No, we can't
Q.7 Is it possible to declare font-weight, font-face & font-size by using ONLY ONE css propery ?
  • Yes, it's possible 
  • No, not possible
Q.8 If we want to show an Arrow as cursor, then which value we will use ?
  • pointer 
  • defaul
  • arrow
  • arr
Q.9 If we want to use a nice looking green dotted border around an image, which css property will we use?
  • border-color 
  • border-decoration 
  • border-style 
  • border-line
Q.10 Which of the following properties will we use to display border around a cell without any content ?
  • empty-cell 
  • blank-cell 
  • noncontent-cell 
  • void-cell
Q.11 What should be the table width, so that the width of a table adjust to the current width of the browser window?
  • 640 pixels 
  • 100% 
  • full-screen 
  • 1024px
Q.12 Which element is used in the <HEAD> section on an HTML / XHTMLpage, if we want to use an external style sheet file to decorate the page ?
  • <src> 
  • <link> 
  • <css> 
  • <style>
Q.13 Which attribute can be added to many HTML / XHTML elements to identify them as a member of a specific group ?
  • Id 
  • div
  • class
  • span
Q.14 When we write <img src="img.png">, what "img.png" inside double quote implies?
  • element 
  • attribute 
  • value 
  • operator
Q.15 How can we write comment along with CSS code ?
  • /* a comment */ 
  • // a comment // 
  • / a comment / 
  • <' a comment'>
Q.16 If we want define style for an unique element, then which CSS Selector will we use ?
  • class 
  • text 
  • Id 
  • name
Q.17 If we don't want to allow a floating div to the left side of an element, which css property will we use ?
  • margin 
  • clear
  • padding 
  • float
Q.18 The default value of "position" attribute is _________.
  • fixed 
  • absolute 
  • inherit 
  • Relative
Q.19 How will you make all paragraph elements 'RED' in color ?
  • p.all {color: red;} 
  • p.all {color: #990000;}
  • all.p {color: #998877;}
  • p {color: red;}
Q.20  By default Hyperlinks are displayed with an underline. How do you remove the underline from all hyperlinks by using CSS code ?
  • a {text: no-underline;} 
  • a {text-decoration:none;}
  • a {text-style: no-underline;} 
  • a {text-decoration: no-underline;}
Q.21 How do we set the default width of the font in CSS ?
  • font-stretch 
  • font-weight
  • text-transform 
  • font-variant
Q.22 Which of the below CSS properties represent the order of flex items in the grid container ?
  • order
  • float 
  • overflow 
  • ALL
Q.23 Which below property of CSS is used to set the indentation of the first line in a block of text ?
  • text-indent property 
  • text-underlne-property
  • text-decoration none
  • text-overflow property
Q.24 Which of the below CSS class is used to change the text color of CSS ?
  • background-color 
  • color 
  • color-background 
  • None of these
Q.25 Which of the below is the abbreviation of CSS ?
  • Cascade sheets style 
  • Color and style sheets
  • Cascading style sheets 
  • Coded Style Sheet

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