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CCC Objective Questions & Answers – PowerPoint Presentation

1.1  To create a new blank presentation you could _____.
(A) Click on the new button       (B) Use the File new command                  (C) Both of the above         (D) None of the above
1.2  How do you make an inserted sound file play continuously over several slides?
(A) In the Custom Animation task pane, open Effects Options and set the sound to play for the desired number of slides”
(B) Using the Record Sound feature, press the Record button and play your music as you click through the whole slide show”
(C) Using the Play CD Audio Track feature set the CD to play for the desired number of tracks”
        (D) All of the above
1.3  The area on a slide that holds text that will appear in the presentation outline is a _____.
        (A)Textbox                                   (B) Placeholder                    (C) bullet point                     (D) title box
1.4  Which of the following is presentation graphics software?
(A) MS-Windows                          (B) MS-PowerPoint             (C) MS-Excel                          (D) MS-Word
1.5  In slide master footer area appears at
(A) Left of the page                     (B) Center of the page        (C) Top of the page              (D) Bottom of the page
1.6  Following is a type of Slide animation
(A) Flash once                               (B) Typewriter                      (C) Fly From top                    (D) All of the above
1.7  The following is a slide transition effect
(A) Wipe allover                           (B) Dissolve                           (C) Bit by bit                          (D) None of the above
1.8  The AutoContent Wizard creates _____.
(A) a new blank presentation with an attractive background and fonts
        (B) a new presentation with sample slides with suggestions for what information should be included
(C) a new look for an existing presentation                            (D) a new template for future use
1.9  In PowerPoint, slide sorter command is found under which tab?”
(A) File                                           (B) Tools                                (C) View                                (D) Edit
1.10        The primary goal for your slide design should be _____.
(A) to attract the eyes of your audience                (B) to coordinate with your company logo and color scheme
(C) to make the information easy to read                (D) to make the slides interesting and even exciting
1.11        Following is a type of PowerPoint Slide Show option
(A) Presented by the speaker   (B) Browsed by an individual             (C) Browsed at a kiosk         (D) All of the above
(kiosk: A computer and monitor, typically located in an area frequented by many people, that can include touch screens, sound, or video. Kiosks can be set up to run PowerPoint presentations automatically, continuously, or both.)
1.12        A photo album slide show can be played continuously by using the option of ______________.
        (A) Loop continuously(B) Launch an online broadcast         (C)Use random slide transition          (D)All of these
1.13        To Preview a Presentation, Click ________.
(A) Print Preview button on the Quick Access Toolbar.       (B) Office Button -> Print Preview
(C) both (A) and (B)                                                                     (D) None of these
1.14        How can you go back to previous slide during presentation?
(A) Space Bar                                                (B) Left Arrow key                               (C) Back Space Key                              (D) Both (B) and (C)
1.15                                                        Which of the following view is not one of PowerPoint views?
a. Slide Sorter                               b. Presentation                            c. Slide Show                                                 d. Normal
1.16 The Save as dialog box can be used
a. for saving the file for the first time                                               b. to save file by some alternative name
c. to save file in a format other then Word                                     d. All of the above
1.17 In which tab to insert the video from file in PowerPoint 2010.
a. Insert tab of media group                                                             b. Insert tab of symbols group
c. Home tab of editing group     d. Insert tab to Image group
1.18                                                        An electronic page in a presentation in called
a. Slide                                           b. e-slide                                        c. e-page                                                        d. Page
1.19                                                        Which of the following shortcuts is used to insert a New slide?
a. Ctrl + M                                     b. Ctrl + N                                      c. Ctrl + O                                                      d. None of the above
1.20                                                        Which extension is given to PowerPoint document by default?
a. .EXT                                             b. .COM                                          c. .PPT                                                            d. .None
1.21                                                        Which of the following is true in relation to ClipArt?
a. PowerPoint displays available pictures in the ClipArt Gallery
b. You can use a toolbar button or a placeholder to insert clip art
c. You can recolor clip art.                                                                 d. All of the above
1.22                                                        In which view notes pane appears
a. Normal view                              b. Outline view                             c. Both (a) and (b)                                        d. None of the above
1.23                                                        In Handout master footer area appears at
a. Top of the page                        b. Center of the page                  c. Bottom of the page                                d. None of the above
1.24                                                        You can show the shortcut menu during the slide show by
a. Clicking the shortcut button on the ribbon                                 b. Right clicking the current slide
c. Clicking an icon on the current slide                                            d. Both a and b
1.25                                                        Which of the following allow you to select more than one slide in a presentation?
a. Alt + click each slide                b. Shift + click each slide             c. Shift + drag each slide   d. Ctrl + Click each slide
1.26 To add a header or footer to your handout, you can use
a. The title master                        b. The slide master                      c. The handout master                               d. All of the above
1.27 Which of the following is the default page setup orientation of slide in PowerPoint?
a. Vertical                                      b. Landscape                                 c. Portrait                                                      d. None of the above
1.28 What is defined by the handout master?
a. Slide formatting                                                                                b. Layout of audience handout notes
c. Handout content formatting for Word export                           d. All of the above
1.29 Which command brings you to the first slide in your Presentation?
a. Next slide button                     b. Page up                                     c. Ctrl + Home                                              d. Ctrl + End

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