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CCC Objective Questions – Spreadsheet (Ms-Excel)

1.1    =ROUND(2.15,1) entered in a cell displays-
(A) 2                             (B) 2.1                    (C) 2.2                    (D) None of the above
1.2    =MOD(-3,2) entered in a cell displays-
(A)-1                            (B) 1                        (C)-1.5                    (D)           0
1.3    To change the size of the chart without changing its proportion, then you have to press _____ as you drag a corner handle.
          (A) [Shift]                     (B) [Alt]                  (C) [Ctrl]                (D) [F11]
1.4    The default page orientation in Excel is                                                        

(A) Landscape             (B) Horizontal        (C) Portrait            (D) None of the above
1.5    In Excel, if you click on the Gridlines and Draft Quality check box on the sheet tab property sheet of page setup dialog box then-
          (A) Gridlines will be print                         (B) Gridlines will not be printed
(C) Sometimes print                                   (D) none of the above

1.6    Which one of the following can be entered as a number in a cell?
(A) “1,300.00″            (B) (5000.00)        (C) 1.1e+2            (D) All of the above
1.7    In Excel the intersection of a row and column is called
(A) Square                   (B) cubicle             (C) Cell                   (D) worksheet
1.8    In Excel, once a range has been named, you can go to a range
(A) by selecting ranges using the name box                         (B) by selecting ranges using the [F5] key
(C) both a and b                                                                         (D) None of the above
1.9    Excel has a number of features that make it a very powerful spreadsheet program. What feature below is NOT a major advantage to using Excel?
(A) Database functions such as filtering, sorting, etc.          (B) Automatic calculation of numbers and formulas
(C) Charting capabilities                                                            (D) Desktop publishing capabilities
1.10  When numbers are typed inside a cell, the default alignment is:
(A) Left-aligned                          (B) Center-aligned                               (C) Right-aligned                  (D) Justified
1.11  To print a specific area in Excel
(A) set print area from Home tab                            (B) set print area from Page layout Tab         
(C) both a and b above                                              (D) None of the above
1.12  In Excel, fill option contain
(A) Fill weekdays                        (B) Fill series         (C) (a) and (b)                        (D) None of these
1.13  Alignment buttons are available on the _____ tab.
          (A) Home                                     (B) Insert             (C) Data                                 (D)None of these
1.14  Paste Special dialog box of Excel contains _____ options for
(A) Formulas                               (B) Formats            (C) Values                             (D) All of the above
1.15  Using Borders in Excel you
(A) can add lines above, below or to either side of a cell
(B) can add a single line or multiple lines, along one side of   a cell or around it
(C) both a and b above are correct                        (D) None of the above
1.16  In its default setting, a workbook is made up of sheets and the number can be extended to:
(A) 3,255                                     (B) 3,225                (C) Limited by available memory     (D) 16,225

1.17  The purpose of AutoSum in Excel is to                                        

(A) locate and total the rows or columns in a range nearest to the current cell          (B) total any range that you select
(C) add grand totals to a range containing other totals                                                       (D) All of the above
1.18  Comments can be added to cells using
(A) Edit -> Comments                (B) Insert -> Comment         
(C) File -> Comments               (D) Review -> Comments
1.19In excel the intersection of a row and column is called
a. square                      b. Cell                                   
c. cubicle                     d. worksheet
1.20  By default Excel sheet displays the following font style
a. Strikethrough         b. Italic                                   c. Bold                                    d. None of the above
1.21 Extension of Excel file is
a. .TMT                         b. .XXL                                    c. .xls                                      d. None of the above
1.22 The first electronic worksheet was known as
a. VisiCalc                    b. Microsoft Excel                c. Lotus 1-2-3                        d. None of the above
Note: VisiCalc was the first spreadsheet computer program, originally released for the Apple II
1.23  A workbook can be opened by clicking on the
a. Start button             b. Open button                    c. Both a and b                      d. None of the above
1.24  The formatting toolbar
a. is placed just below the Standard toolbar
b. is used to apply common formats to the worksheet text selection, like making it bold, italics, underlined or changing the font style and size
c. Both a and b above               d. none of the above
1.25  To change the cell reference B2:B9 to an absolute row and column reference, you would enter it as
a. B2:B9                       b. B$2:B$9                            c. $B$2:$B$9                        d. None of the above
Relative=A1Both the column letter A and the row number 1 can change.
Absolute=$A$1The column letter A and the row number 1 do not change.
1.26  A function in Excel
a. is a readymade formula                                                        b. is a shortcut formula
c. can be built using Function Wizard                                    d. All of the above
1.27  Which of the following is not a financial function?
a. FV()                           b. SUM()                                c. NPV()                                  d. PMT()
1.28  Which of the following is not a text function?
a. CHAR()                     b. VAR()                  c. LEN()                                   d. PMT()
1.29  The number of rows in a worksheet is
a. 36500                      b. 64536                                c. 1,048,576                          d. 256
1.30  When a formatted number does not fit within a cell, it displays
a. #####                      b. #DIV@                               c. #DIV/0                d. None of these
1.31  What symbol is used to enter number as text?
a. =                                b. ‘                                          c. “                          d. None of the above
1.32  Which of the following is concatenating operator?
a. Apostrophe (‘)        b. Exclamation (!)                c. Ampersand (&)                d. Hash (#)
1.33  To select multiple non-adjacent (apart) cells in a worksheet you will click holding
a. ALT key                    b. Ctrl + Shift key                  c. Shift key                             d. CTRL key
1.34 What does the Now () function return?
a. It returns the serial number of the current date and time
b. It returns the serial number of the current date
c. It returns the serial number of the current time                             d. None of the above
1.35 What is shortcut key to insert current date in a cell?
a. Ctrl + D                     b. Ctrl + T                               c. Ctrl + ;                                d. Ctrl + /
1.36 Which chart can be created in Excel?
a. Area                         b. Line                                    c. Pie                                      d. All of the above
1.37  What will be the output if you format the cell containing 5436.8 as ‘#,##0.00’?
a. 5,430.00                  b. 5,436.8                              c. 5,436.80                            d. 6.8
1.38  In the formula, which symbol specifies the fixed columns or rows?
          a. $                                               b. %                                         c. *                                   d. @
1.39  What is the correct way to refer the cell A10 on sheet3 from Sheet1?
a. Sheet1!A10             b. Sheet3!A10                      c. Sheet3.A10                       d. A10
1.40  An Excel 2010 Workbook is a collection_________.
a. Worksheets            b. Workbooks                       c. Charts                                 d. Worksheets and Charts
1.41  In Excel 2010, you can sum a large range of data by simply selection a tool button called_________.
a. AutoFill                    b. Auto Format                     c. Auto Correct                     d. Auto sum

1.42  Which function is used to calculate depreciation, rates of return, future values and loan payment amounts?
a. Logical                      b. Statistical                           c. Math & Trigonometry     d. Financial
1.43  To keep specific rows and columns from scrolling off the screen you first must
a. to the right of the column you want to remain on the screen
b. below the row you want to remain on the screen
c. on the row you want to remain on the screen
d. both below and right of the row and column you want to remain on the screen

1.44  Which command will you choose to convert a column of data into row?
a. cut and paste in the clipboard group                b. Paste Special of clipboard group
c. cut and paste in the Font group                          d. None of the above

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