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Internet, Communication and Web Browsers-CCC Questions & Answers-Objective

1.1  A client program used to access the Internet services and resources available through the World Wide Web.
(A) ISP                            (B) Web Browsers               (C) Web Servers                   (D) None of the above
1.2  e-mail is-
(A)Mail concerning electronics devices                  (B) Transaction of letters, messages and memos over a communications
(C) Network transaction of messages within a computer                     (D) None of these
1.3  USENET is…
(A)A set of tools reserved exclusively for Internet administrators     (B)Short for United States Electronic Network
        (C)A bulletin board system that allows for posting and responding to messages on the Internet           
(D)A precursor to the Internet that is now obsolete
1.4  Internet is governed by
        (A) W3C (World Wide Web Consortium {association})       (B) IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force)
(C) InterNIC (Internet Network Information Center)             (D ) None of these
1.5  E-mail
(A) Cannot address many users                (B) Does not provide protection given to first class mail
        (C) Always uses bridge to send messages in different networks                       (D) None of these
1.6  The first page that you normally view at a Web site is its:
        (A)Home page                              (B) Master page                    (C) First page                                         (D) Banner page
1.7  The Internet uses
(A)Circuit switching                     (B) Packet switching            (C) Hybrid switching                            (D) None of the above
1.8  What would you use for immediate, real-time communication with a friend?”
(A) Instant Messaging                  (B) E-Mail                               (C) Usenet                                             (D)Blog
1.9  Which of the following a search engine continuously sends out that start on a homepage of a server and pursue all links stepwise?
(A) spiders                                     (B) packets                            (C) cookies                                             (D) None of the above
1.10 Which of the following statements about search engines and directories is true?
(A) A search engine does not discriminate between good and bad sites.
(B) A search engine displays all Web pages that contain your keywords and may list thousands of unordered results.
(C) A directory is someones attempt to categorize the best sites available for a given subject or topic.
        (D) All of the above
1.11        The first network that planted the seeds of Internet was:
        (A) ARPANET                (B) NSFnet                             (C) Vnet                                                  (D) Inet
1.12 The first graphical browser for the WWW was named:
        (A) Netscape                                (B) Veronica                          (C) Mosaic                                             (D) Lynx
1.13 To help others locate a web site, the site should be registered with various___________.
(A) Online services                      (B) Backbone providers      (C) Search engines                               (D) Mail servers
1.14 Which of the following country code for geographic domain extension is not correct
(A) jp-Japan                                   (B) cd-Canada                       (C) ind-India                                          (D) All of the above
1.15 Which one of the following is a valid email-
(A) address?Enquiries.guilds.co.@.uk                                      (B) sales@enquiries.guilds.co.uk     
(C) @sales.enquiries@guilds.co.uk                                          (D) sales.enquiries.guilds.co.uk
1.16 Which of the following is domain name suffixes
        (A) .com                                         (B) .nat                                   (C) both of the above                          (D) None of the above
1.17 What is one way to protect your computer from viruses?
(A) Do not use your computer  (B) Do not download unknown documents or programs           
(C) Do not turn your computer off at night                             (D) Do not use Microsoft Office Programs
1.18 In which year was the first email sent?
(A) 1982                                        (B)1992                                  (C) 1977                                 (D) 1971
1.19 A device has two IP addresses. This device could be___________
(A) A computer                            (B) A gateway                        (C) A router                           (D) None of the above
1.20 Web sites contain many pages that can be navigated using _________.
(A) Bars                                          (B) threads                            (C) Links                                (D) strings
1.21 To log on to the network, a user must enter their ———————.
(A) Money                                     (C) username and password              (C) Full name         (D) job profile
1.22 IIS refers to ____________.
(A)International Institute for Standards                                   (B) Internet Information Server     
(C)Internal IP Scheme                                                                (D) Internet Information System
1.23 A link to a World Wide Web Site on the document can be inserted by using option ________________.
(A) Insert Word Table                (B) Insert Hyperlink             (C) Format Painter               (D) None of the above
1.24 The WWW Standard allows programmer on many different computer platforms to show the information on server. Such programs are known as:
a. ISP                               b. Web Browser                                  c. Web server                       d. None of the above
1.25 Some Web pages are divided into independent pages named as:
a. Excel                           b. Outlook Express                               c. Frames                               d. None of the above
1.26 Netscape Navigator and other browsers such as the following are available free on the internet:
a. Internet Explorer    b. Hotdog                                               c. Adobe Page maker          d. None of the above
1.27 Which of the following protocols used by Internet mail?
a. HTTP                           b. TCP/IP                                                c. FTP                                      d. None of these
1.28 A user can get files from another computer on the internet by using
a. FTP                             b. HTTP                                                   c. UTP                                     d. (a) and (b) above
1.29 Computers on the Internet owned and operated by education Institution form part of the
a. com domain              b. edu domain                                      c. mil domain                        d. None of the above
1.30 All the web addresses start with which of the following?
a. Htp                              b. http://                                              c. http:/                                  d. www
1.31 Which of the following term is a “browser”?
a. Netscape                   b .World wide web                              c. Launcher                           d. E-mail
1.32 When you start web browser, the first web page that gets loaded in the browser is called:
a. User web page         b. First web page                                  c. Beginning page                d. Home page
1.33 The World Wide Web integrates which of the following?
a. E-mail, Telnet, User net                                                           b. Sound and movies file
c. A and B                                                                                      d. All Internet communications tools
1.34 Open a new tab in the foreground from the Address bar
a. Ctrl + W                     b. Ctrl + G                                              c. ctrl + T                                d. None of the above
1.35 Which of the following is not a web browser?
a. Netscape Navigatorb. Internet Explorer                             c. Mosaic                               d. WWW
1.36 To Open the organize favorites dialog box press ____keys together.
a. Ctrl + B                                      b. Alt + B                                c. Ctrl + S                               d. None of the above
1.37 To select the text in the Address bar press______ keys together.
a. Ctrl + E                                       b. Alt + D                               c. Alt + C                                                d. Alt + E
1.38 The following is NOT an Internet search engine
a. Google                                       b. WebCrawler                     c. Excite                                 d. Scientia ans
1.39 Internet is a network of
a. Computers                b. terminal                             c. networks                                           d. None of the above
1.40 Internet requires
a. An account from an ISP          b. A computer with modem               c. Telephone lined. All of the above
1.41 IP Address number varies from
a. 1-225                         b. 2-255                                 c. 0-254                                                 d. None of the above
1.42 Absolute URL uses
a. Complete Internet Address                                 b. Partially Internet address
c. partly Internet address                                           d. None of the above
1.43 News groups are
a. Chart service            b. Discussion groups            c. E-mail service                                   d. None of the above
1.44 WAIS stands for
a. Wide assumed intimation section                         b. Wide area Internet service           c. Wide Area information system
d. None of the above
Note: Wide Area Information Servers or WAIS is a client–server text searching system
1.45 WANs operate at the speed of less than 1 mbps while LANs operate between
a. 1 and 4 mbps            b. 2 and 6 mbps                    c. 4 and 10 mbps                                  d. 1 and 10 mbps
1.46 Web pages are uniquely identified using
a. IP address                  b. domain                              c. URL                                                     d. File name
1.47 Printek India has five workstations and two printers This is most likely a
a. LAN                            b. MAN                                   c. WAN                                                   d. None of the above
1.48 The World Wide Web is composed of
a. 1 page                        b. only 100 Web pages       c. only 500 Web pages                       d. Millions of Web pages
1.49 An ISP is a company that allows you to connect to internet via its servers. ISP stands for
a. Internal Service Provider                                       b. International Service Provider
c. Internet Service Provider                                      d. Intranet Service Provider
1.50 Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator are examples of
a. Web server               b. Internet                             c. Web browser                   d. World Wide Web
1.51 What can you do with the Internet?
a. Exchange information with friends and colleagues
b. Access pictures, sounds, video clips and other media elements
c. Find diverse perspective on issues from a global audience                            d. All of the above
1.52 The computer or server on the Internet is also known as
a. Host                           b. IP Address                         c. Address                             d. URLs address
1.53 The Internet is owned by
a. IAB                              b. IETF                                     c. Inter NIC                            d. None of these
1.54 SMTP is a simple
a. TCP protocol     b. IP protocol                        c. TCP/IP protocol                d. None of the above
Note: Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) is an Internet standard for electronic mail (e-mail) transmission across Internet Protocol (IP) networks.
1.55 A simple protocol used for fetching e-mail from a mail-box is
a. POP3                 b. POP2                                  c. IMAP                                  d. None of the above
1.56 A popular application of computer networking is the world wide web of newsgroup called
a. News                  b. Gateways                           c. Netnews                           d. (a) and (b) above
1.57 E-mail address is made up of
a. Single part         b. Two parts                         c. Three parts                       d. None of the above
1.58 The program supplied by VSNL when you ask for Internet connection for the e-mail access is
a. ISP                       b. Pine                                   c. HotDog                               d. None of the above
1.59 SMTP stands for
a. Server Mail Transfer Protocol                       b. Simple Mail Transfer Protocol
c. Small Mail Transmission Protocol                  d. Short Mail Transmission Protocol
1.60 The steps for sending an E-mail are:
a. Start an e-mail program                                  b. Give the address of where to send
c. compose a message to send the message   d. All of the above
1.61 Messenger Mailbox is present in
a. Internet Explorer             b. Netscape communicator               c. Both a and b      d. None of the above
1.62 The convenient place to store contact information for quick retrieval is
a. Message box                     b. Address book                                   c. Address box      d. None of the above
1.63 Which one of the following statement is not correct for digital signature?
a. It is a mechanism for authentication            b. It is the scanned image of one’s signature
c. It is created by encrypting information       d. It cannot be duplicated

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